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Dear visitor, we would like to inform you that we have signed dealership contracts with companies:

Blueline Equipment Company LLC, Yakima, Washington, USA – exclusive agreements for the following USA states: Oregon, California, Michigan, Washington and Canada: British Columbia;

King & Associates New Zealand Limited, Tauranga, New Zealand – an exclusive agreement for China, New Zealand and Australia and

Biofeconda SRL, Maramures, Romania, a non-exclusive contract for the Romanian market.


If you would like to contact our representatives in these countries, please write us at:, via FB page: @BSKObrenovac or call us: +381 87 20 874 and we will connect you with our friends.

Sincerely, BSK team.


Foto čile

KOKAN500S presentation at Parcela La Esperanza, Bella Union plantation Chile

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On Saturday, 14.12.2019. we had a presentation of KOKAN500S harvester at Parcela La Esperanza, Bella Union plantation, in Chile.

The blueberry harvest season in Chile is underway and with the great help of our friend who represents us in Chile, we greeted interested in the performances of our harvester.

It was a pleasure to watch how are guys harvesting blueberries efficiently with fine-tuning of Air velocity and Air pulsations.



Air Jet Berry Harvester KOKAN500S – Blueberry (Eliot) harvesting presentation – Borstel, Germany (August, 2019)

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Dear friends,

we would like to share with you small part of the atmosphere of blueberry (Eliot) harvesting presentation with Air Jet Berry Harvester KOKAN500S.

Video and photos (attached) were taken in Borstel, Germany in August this year.

On a 200m long row, 240kg of blueberries were harvested. Post-sorting results: 94% first class fresh market, 0.5% soft, 5.5% green / damaged by birds and insects.

Video of blueberry harvesting presentations can be found at the following YouTube link


Air Jet Berry Harvester KOKAN500S field presentation

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On Saturday, 22.06.2019. we have had Air Jet Berry Harvester KOKAN500S field presentation in Poland (haskap).

Also, at the same time, we have had field presentation at our plantation Kokanović in the village Čučuge (blueberry). This time we have shown  our friends from Serbia, Portugal, Czech Republic, Italy, etc., orchard protection from the bad weather conditions, RotoProtect system.

Video taken during the presentation: HASKAP AIR HARVESTING KOKAN 2019