Are you tired of managing a large number of seasonal workers?

Do you want to avoid
high losses due to
unharvested fruit?

Do you want to overcome your current organizational challenges?

Introducing our
KOKAN Berry Harvester

Growing your fruit, especially berries, is a delicate process. We know what it all entails, and we understand the problems fruit growers face on a daily basis. That inspired us to create a harvester that will combine the forces of mother nature with innovative technology – our very own KOKAN Air Berry Harvester.

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What makes KOKAN Berry Harvester unique

Efficiency of Nature at Your Command

Our world patent-protected technology imitates storms with pulsating air jets of controlled velocity and frequency. In this way, the plant is shaken without physical contact, avoiding possible damage to berries and plants.

Soft Grip Technology at Your Service

Our pneumatic pillows are made of a special kind of rubber that is air-filled and that absorbs the energy of dropped berries, thus eliminating bruises.

Fine-tuning according to the needs of each and every plantation.

KOKAN Berry Harvester
in actions

Our Air Berry Harvester has integrated KOKAN technology, which consists of Air harvesting technology, Pneumatic pillows, and Fingers.

It is a unique and innovative harvester for picking a wide range of fruits and is a proven solution for harvesting blueberries for the fresh market.

Unlike other mechanical harvesters, the picking mechanism is contactless, and the Air Berry Harvester offers the possibility of a soft fruit grip, which results in minimal damage to the fruit and plant.

Our Air Berry Harvester allows the fine-tuning of technology parameters according to:

– the conditions in the orchard;
– the fruit variety;
– the period of the season.

Benefits of Air Berry Harvester

  • Berry harvesting, with air, in the most natural way
  • Multi-crop Air Berry Harvester for harvesting blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, black currants and haskap
  • Causing no damage to plants, flowers and fruits
  • Blueberries’ bloom (white-dusted protection coating) stays undisturbed
  • Blueberries are ready for fresh market and other berries for IQF
  • Selective harvesting – mature fruits in different stages of ripening, from the beginning of harvesting season when there is a greater number of immature than ripe fruits
  • Minimal percentage of greens

Air berry harvester vs handpicking

Automated harvesting

Qualified workers are hard to find

Can harvest up to 8 ha per day

Losses due to unharvested fruit

No physical contact with human hands

The fruit passes through many hands

Air Berry Harvester in numbers

Air Berry Harvester can work

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