Self-propelled rear load harvester – THE NEW MEMBER of the KOKAN Air Berry Harvester family!

We wanted to make KOKAN 600T as user-friendly as possible in order to improve the overall harvesting experience. That’s why it has a variety of features, easy-to-use controls, a high-resolution color display,
cruise control, cameras, automatic leveling, height adjustment, middle of the row tracking and many more…

The three wheel design, that allows a tight turning radius for better
maneuverability, is also included, LED lights for harvesting at night,
an extended rear deck on both sides (48X48 inch pallet), an integrated trailer hitch and large tires for challenging ground conditions. 

Like its older brothers, KOKAN 500S and 500L, KOKAN 600T is a multi-crop harvester with integrated KOKAN technology designed to harvest high-quality blueberries for the fresh market and other berries for IQF processing.

It can harvest in various conditions, including plants in pots, on the uphills, at night, in the morning dew, after light rain, trellis system and many others… 

Its productivity is double, compared to the 500L and 500S – the 600T can harvest up to 2000 kg per hour and up to 8 ha per day. 

Always keeping our customers’ satisfaction in mind, we have set-up real-time remote maintenance access to facilitate and speed up harvester service and maintenance worldwide!

Kokan 600T











236 in

6000 mm


Total width (closed platforms)

127 in

3220 mm


Total width (lowered platforms)

165 in

4190 mm


Height without roll bar

126 in

3200 mm


Total height (with roll bar)

152 in

4200 mm


Lift (max.)

20 in

500 mm


Air tunnel height (m in.)

84 in

2125 mm


Air tunnel height (max.)

103 in

2625 mm


Inlet air tunnel width

59 in

1500 mm


Outlet air tunnel width

36 in

900 mm


Wheels (left side)




Wheels (right side)




Transport container

High cube 40

High cube 40



12125 lb

5500 kg


Blower zone height

63 in

1600 mm



Cat 3.6 Stage V 75-90KW

Cat 3.6 Stage V 75-90KW


Fuel tank capacity

39,6 gal

150 l


Avg. fuel consumption

3,2 gal/h



DEF tank capacity

3,96 gal



Oil tank capacity

31,7 gal

120 l



126 in

3200 mm


Platform dimensions

50×67 in

1280×1700 mm


Platform capacity




Traveling speed

0,2 – 12 mph

0,3 – 17 kmh


Harvesting speed

0,2 – 1,8 mph

0,3-3 kmh

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