Harvesting parameters are set on the control panel, and it is possible to adjust the harvesting technology to different types of plantations and plantation conditions.

The harvesting capacity is 1 t/h and up to 4 hectares per working day, and the load capacity of the harvester is 700 kg per side of the working platform.

The hydraulic system enables independent leveling of the harvester, as well as lifting up to 50 cm from the ground.

Since the harvesting technology is driven by the cardan shaft, it is necessary to point out that the harvester should be paired with a fruit tractor with a minimum power of 80 horsepower and which has a cripple gear (with a speed not exceeding 0.3 – 0.4 km/h.)

The harvester is ECO friendly – does not have its own diesel engine and there are no additional emissions of harmful gases into the atmosphere.

Tunnel & HiLine

We have 2 types of 500l models of different constructions according to the needs of growers and differently arranged plantations: open filed, under the safety net, in the tunnel.

500l Tunnel

500l Tunnel is designed for use in greenhouses, for smaller
plant dimensions, on soil beds or in pots.

500l Hiline

500l Hiline is designed for use on open fields or with
Rotoprotect, for higher plants.


Dimensions KOKAN 500l   HiLine Tunnel  
Total length with tow bar A 5200 5200 [ mm ]
Width (with closed platforms) D 3115 2970 [ mm ]
Width (with opened platforms) C 3970 3250 [ mm ]
Height (lowest position) B 2970 2400 [ mm ]
Weight   2650 2500 kg
Min. and max. speed   0,3 – 2,0 0,3 – 2,0 Km/h
Lifting height of the structure (max.) E 500 500 [ mm ]
Air tunnel height (min.) F 2370 1900 [ mm ]
Air tunnel height (max.) G 2870 2400 [ mm ]
Inlet air tunnel width H 1400 1400 [ mm ]
Outlet air tunnel width I 900 900 [ mm ]
Wheels   400/60-15.5 TL 250mm, 250/15 [ mm ]
Container   40′ High-Cube 20′ Standard  
  • Lower blowers (for plants that are 1 to 1.5 meters high)
  • Higher blowers (for plants that are 1.5 to 2 meters high)
  • Lighting for harvesting in night conditions– where it needs to work during night (for example very high daily temperature- the decreasing quality of fruits)
  • Front inlet panels – (where plants are wider than the tunnel of harvester)- native branches slowly get into the tunnel without tearing fruits on the ground. 

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