BSK Air Technologies from Serbia was founded in 2003.

Our dream from the very beginning was to bring innovative solutions to our clients and transform the existing technologies. All of our knowledge and experience, together with the idea to build something new and daring, led us to develop our KOKAN – Air Berry Harvesting technology.


Every good story starts with a good anecdote. And our KOKAN story begins when our technology creator was catching up with an old friend, a raspberry grower. He was joking about the storm knocking the fruit down from the raspberry bush so he didn’t need the help of seasonal workers anymore. That was a true breakthrough moment. Our technologist came to the idea to create an artificial storm that works for the fruit growers, and not against them.

As we are in the fruit growing business ourselves, we understood all the pain points of fruit growers. We knew berries are delicate fruits that need special attention and special conditions in order to grow. Having that in mind, and being inspired by forces of nature, we focused on researching, developing, and designing a new air berry harvester, a pioneer of its kind on the market.

A harvester that creates an artificial storm and collects mature berries without damaging the fruit or the plant is what we succeeded with our new KOKAN technology. A harvester that has the power of two hundred workers and can work in different weather conditions. A machine that is perfect for harvesting berries for the fresh market.

Our intention is to help everybody – from small fruit growers to corporations – to have the perfect quality of fruit ready for the fresh market. Helping you harvest the fruit of your labor in the best way.

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