Our new harvester KOKAN 500l has unique air jet technology for harvesting blueberries. Air technologies are imitating natural storm, shaking native branches, harvesting ripe fruits and reducing damage to plants and berries. New KOKAN 500l is the upgraded lite version of BSK’s previous model – 500s. New model is easier to use and maintain, and also offers the same or better performance during the harvesting process. KOKAN 500l provides the quality of harvested fruit at the level of handpicking.


Berry harvester with Cardan shaft

What makes the new model different at the first glance is the startup mode – now it includes a tractor Cardan shaft, while the previous model runs on a diesel engine. The harvester is towed by a tractor and connected to the Cardan shaft, while the power of the tractor starts the fans, with upgraded design which enables higher efficiency factor, air flow with lower energy and fuel consumption, less noise during contactless berry harvesting. 

KOKAN 500l – easier to maintain and operate

Without a diesel engine, the new harvester 500l is one ton lighter than its predecessor, has hydraulics that is easier to maneuver, it’s easier to maintain and in a more favorable price range.

Since it does not have a diesel engine, it creates less vibration, noise, and heat and provides workers with a more pleasant experience during use.

Reduced maintenance of berry harvester up to 50%

We incorporated the best characteristics from our previous harvester, but we simplified the work process and enabled fruit growers to harvest efficiently with less financial investment, easier use, and reduced maintenance costs up to 50%.

KOKAN 500l Air berry harvesting technology

Our Air berry harvester KOKAN 500l has integrated KOKAN technology, which consists of Air harvesting technology, Pneumatic pillows, and the new additional component – Slappers.

For best results and efficient functioning of our new 500l Air berry harvester, a fruit tractor with a minimum power of 80 horsepower is required.

ECO-FRIENDLY berry harvester – KOKAN 500l

Kokan 500l has a modern eco-friendly design which is the result of our R&D and on site/field testing all around the world. 

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