The berry industry is about to upgrade with the KOKAN Air Berry Harvester. We designed innovative pieces of equipment to make berry harvesting faster, easier, and more profitable for growers all around the world. 

The KOKAN berry harvester is here to improve how you harvest berries and increase your profits. 

Its unique air harvesting technology can reduce your harvesting costs and make your life easier.

We welcome you to join us at FRUIT LOGISTICA 2023 to learn more about berry harvesting technology and get in touch with the latest technology improvements.

The KOKAN harvester is easy to use and maintain and allows you to adjust the settings to suit your needs and crops.

It is an innovative state-of-the-art air harvesting system that can harvest berries quickly and gently, preserving their quality and taste.

The KOKAN is the perfect solution for berry growers who want to increase their profits and reduce their harvesting costs. 

You have the opportunity to see the harvester, ask questions, and learn more about its features and benefits. 

We also are offering exclusive coupons for those who plan to buy the harvester before harvesting in 2023. 

Take advantage of this opportunity to upgrade your berry harvesting and take your business to the next level.

Join us at Fruit Logistica 2023 from the 8th – the 10th of February in Hall 3.1 at stand D-40.

We are proud we will also present a new catching system Disc COMB. It is a unique solution that reduces the amount of fruit spilt on the ground, making berry harvesting more sustainable and efficient.

And that’s not all!

We will launch a self-propelled harvester KOKAN 600T. The eldest brother in the KOKAN family!

In summary, Fruit Logistica is the perfect place to get into the latest technology improvements and trends in berry harvesting.

Join us and take advantage of THE NEW ERA OF BERRY HARVESTING – DO IT WITH AIR!

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