We recently hosted a captivating field presentation of the revolutionary Kokan 500L Air Harvester in the charming village of Cucuge, Serbia. The event showcased the remarkable performance of the Kokan 500L, providing valuable insights into its innovative Kokan  technology and the new catching system DISC COMBS. With an overwhelming positive response from our esteemed clients from Israel, Turkey, Romania and Serbia, the field presentation demonstrated how the Kokan 500L is set to redefine the new era of berry harvesting!

One of the key highlights of the presentation was the introduction of the Kokan 500 L’s new catching system DISC COMBS. These combs effectively reduce spills during harvesting to under 5%, ensuring minimal waste and maximum yield quality. Farmers were impressed with the technology’s ability to deliver berries that are ready for the fresh market.

Positive Feedback from Our Valued Clients

The field presentation was met with enthusiastic applause and positive feedback from our valued clients. Many expressed their delight at witnessing the Kokan 500L’s capabilities firsthand and the significant potential it holds for transforming their harvesting operations.

What did our guests say about KOKAN 500L?

One of the attendees, a seasoned farmer from the region, commented, “I’ve been in the industry for years, and I must say, the Kokan 500L is a game-changer. The catching system disc combs are a brilliant addition, reducing spillage and saving us time and resources. I’m excited to integrate this technology into my farm.”

Another participant, a berry industry expert, remarked, “The Kokan 500L’s air technology is truly revolutionary. It minimizes berry damage, leading to higher-quality yields. This is exactly what our industry needs to stay competitive and meet the growing demand for premium produce.

The field presentation in Cucuge was a resounding success, demonstrating how the Kokan 500L is ready to reshape the berry harvesting landscape. As a KOKAN team, we are proud to be at the forefront of agricultural innovation, empowering farmers to thrive in the face of evolving challenges.

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