The picturesque blueberry fields near Verona, Italy, recently played host to an extraordinary event as our Kokan team showcased its air technology, introducing the Kokan 500L, along with the groundbreaking new catching system. The idyllic setting provided by our host Bazzoli Agricola was the backdrop to demonstrate how this cutting-edge technology is revolutionizing blueberry harvesting and empowering farmers with unmatched efficiency and yield quality. In addition to its exceptional harvesting capabilities, the Kokan 500L and its innovative catching system offer a vital solution to a pressing challenge the agricultural industry faces— the scarcity and high cost of seasonal workers.

The presentation was attended by growers from France, Spain, Italy, Croatia and Portugal. 

At the heart of the field presentation was the unveiling of the Kokan 500L’s new catching system, designed to elevate harvesting practices to unparalleled heights. The catching system is equipped with DISC COMBS, which effectively minimize spills during harvesting to under 5%. This reduction in waste ensures a maximum yield quality, meeting the stringent demands of the fresh market .

 Overcoming Labor Scarcity with Kokan 500L

In an era where labor scarcity poses a significant obstacle to agricultural success, the Kokan 500L stands as a beacon of hope, empowering farmers with an efficient and cost-effective solution to tackle this industry-wide challenge. With its self-propelled automation and advanced air technology, the Kokan 500L minimizes the need for a large labor force during harvesting seasons, significantly reducing operational costs and streamlining harvesting processes.

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