The sun-kissed fields Piccoli Frutti dei Castelli Romani in Velletri, Italy, recently hosted an event as our team proudly presented the Kokan 500L Air Harvester and its revolutionary catching system.

The beautiful Italian landscape served as a backdrop for an unforgettable showcase of how the Kokan 500L is transforming blueberry harvesting and overcoming labor challenges.

Unveiling the New Catching System:

Central to the field presentation was the debut of the Kokan 500L’s innovative catching system, equipped with DISC COMBS.

For our guests from Poland and Australia, who are already using the Kokan 500L, this was an exciting opportunity to witness the further advancements of this technology. Attendees were captivated as they observed the flawless integration of the new catching system, realizing this innovative approach ensures minimal damage to berries, delivering higher-quality yields of up to 80% for the fresh market.

As discussions turned to the pressing issue of labor scarcity, the Kokan air harvester emerged as an ideal solution for farmers worldwide. With its advanced air technology and capabilities, the Kokan air harvester minimizes the need for a large labor force during harvesting seasons, revolutionizing blueberry farming practices.

The Road to a Prosperous Future:

The field presentation in Velletri underscored the Kokan 500L’s transformative power and its role in elevating blueberry harvesting to new heights. We take pride in empowering farmers across the globe with innovative solutions that enhance efficiency and address critical industry challenges.

Embrace the Kokan 500L and Unlock the Potential:

Join the global farming community and discover how the Kokan 500L can revolutionize your blueberry harvesting operations, empowering you to overcome labor challenges and optimize yield quality.

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