The much-anticipated field presentation of the Kokan 600T, a self-propelled rear load harvester, took place in New Jersey, leaving attendees in awe of its revolutionary capabilities. The event showcased the Kokan 600T’s cutting-edge features, innovative contactless air technology, and Disc Combs – a new catching system, setting a new standard in berry harvesting.

The event kicked off with a captivating introduction to the Kokan 600T, highlighting its productivity, maneuverability, and efficiency, which left attendees eager to witness the harvester in action.

Field Demonstration: In a nearby blueberry farm, the Kokan 600T demonstrated its exceptional harvesting prowess. With its advanced contactless air technology, the harvester delicately collected blueberries, minimizing waste and maximizing yield quality. Attendees were impressed by its efficiency and ability to harvest berries that are ready for the fresh market.

The Kokan 600T field presentation in New Jersey was a resounding success, leaving attendees inspired by its potential to transform berry harvesting operations. Its productivity, user-friendly controls, Disc Combs catching system, and contactless air technology were met with enthusiasm, and visitors were left with a sense of excitement for the future of their farming endeavors.

As the Kokan 600T makes a resounding impact in the blueberry industry, it reinforces our team to an unwavering dedication to advancing agriculture and delivering cutting-edge solutions that empower farmers worldwide.

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