Kokan 500L Harvesting Blueberries in Pots: The Perfect Solution for Pot Fields Requiring Mechanized Harvesting

This year, the Kokan 500L showcased its exceptional capabilities by harvesting blueberries in pots, marking a significant milestone in mechanized berry harvesting. As the best solution for pot fields needing efficient and gentle fruit collection, the Kokan 500L has proven its value to small and medium-sized growers.

The Kokan 500L is a versatile pull-behind model that can be easily attached to tractors with 80+ HP. It is specifically designed to cater to plantations up to 15 hectares, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a reliable and high-performing harvesting solution. With its unique air jet technology, the Kokan 500L ensures minimal damage to both plants and fruit while delivering top-quality harvests.

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