Kokan 600T Successfully Harvests Sour Cherries in Serbia 2024

In an exciting development, BSK’s Kokan 600T Air Berry Harvester has successfully harvested sour cherries for the first time this year. This breakthrough marks a significant achievement in the field of agricultural technology, demonstrating the versatility and efficiency of the Kokan 600T.

The Kokan 600T delivered outstanding results in harvesting sour cherries, maintaining the top-quality fruit standards it is known for. The harvester ensured minimal fruit damage, preserving the integrity and quality of the cherries. This success underscores the Kokan 600T’s capability to handle different types of
fruit with equal efficiency.

The unique air jet technology of the Kokan 600T played a crucial role in the successful sour cherry harvest. This technology gently removes the fruit from the plant, ensuring high-quality fruit with minimal damage. The air jet system sets the Kokan 600T apart from traditional harvesting methods, offering a modern solution to the challenges faced by growers.

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